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Panzer vom Klingsgarten BH, IPO3

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20 months old on November 2, 2018. Pharo has developed into a handsome, strong, compact dog with great drives. A testament to his wonderful German working blood-lines. (Health tests at 24 months.)

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Our "I just want to have fun" Agility girl

Health, strength, endurance, intelligence, focus, biddability, beauty, and outstanding working blood-lines are just a few attributes of this loving, loyal, and happy girl. Two speeds, off and go fast.

Breeding status to be determined


IPO1: 91-77-94 (262) - High in Trial, High IPO1, High in Protection

IPO2: 93-90-87 (270) - High in Trial, High IPO2, High in Protection, High in Tracking, High in Obedience

IPO3: 50-73-78 (201) Oops!

IPO3: 85-82-84 (251) - High in Trial, High IPO3, High in Protection, High in Tracking

Qodo vom Goldbergsee, BH, AD, FPr2


Chocolat Thorns Northern Cross

Pharo vom kleinen B├╝ffel, BH

The actual "boss" in and around Goodwood Glen